How to Check SEE Result 2080/2023?: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Secondary Education Examination (SEE), previously, School Leaving Certificate (SLC), is a crucial milestone in the academic journey of Nepali students. It marks the completion of the secondary level of education and acts as a gateway to higher education. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to check the SEE result for the year 2080/2023.

What is SEE or SLC?

SEE or SLC is the final examination undertaken by Nepali students at grade 10. Traditionally, the SLC examination was conducted by the Government of Nepal (GON), but it is now under the purview of the SEE Nepal Board. The examination usually takes place between the months of April, May, and June every year.

What are the changes to SEE from SLC?

Apart from the change in nomenclature, the SEE examination introduced various other alterations. Previously, the SLC examination implemented a percentage-based grading system, clearly indicating pass or fail results.

However, the SEE examination now follows a grading format, which does not provide exact pass or fail information, leading to some confusion among students. The government’s intention behind this shift is to further improve the literacy rate, which stood at 65.7% as of 2015. From the marks to grades, the changes to SEE from SLC is differential and confusing.

GPA Points Meaning and Percentage

SNInterval in PercentGradeDescriptionGrade Point
190 to 100A+Outstanding4.0
280 to below 90AExcellent3.6
370 to below 80B+Very Good3.2
460 to below 70BGood2.8
550 to below 60C+Satisfactory2.4
640 to below 50CAcceptable2.0
730 to below 40D+Partially Acceptable1.6
820 to below 30DInsufficient1.2
90 to below 20EVery Insufficient0.8

What are the methods to check the SEE result 2080/2023 (SLC result 2080/2023)?

There are 2 primary methods to check the SEE result or SLC result in 2080/2023: via SMS and through official websites. Both methods are outlined below:

How to check the result of SEE via SMS?

To conveniently access your SEE 2080 result via SMS, you can use the services provided by Sparrow SMS, which has been authorized to publish the results. Follow these steps:

  • Type your SEE symbol number.
  • Leave a space.
  • Send the SMS to 35001. For example, send a message like “SEE 0215445K” to 35001.

Note: The SMS codes and numbers may vary based on your sim card service provider.

How to check the result of SEE through websites?

You can also check the SEE (SLC) result through various official websites. Here is a list of websites where the result is likely to be published:

Please note that some websites may have low-cost servers, leading to slower loading speeds or potential hanging issues during high traffic. It is advisable to exercise patience and try accessing the website during non-peak hours if you encounter any difficulties.


The SEE (SLC) result holds immense significance for Nepali students, as it opens doors to higher education opportunities. By utilizing either the SMS method or accessing official websites, students can conveniently check their SEE (SLC) result for the year 2080/2023. We wish all the students awaiting their results the best of luck and encourage them not to stress, as their hard work will surely pay off.



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